2. ohcorny:

    ive found three of my concepts classmates on tumblr through the risd tag

    id follow them and make friends but [gestures to whole blog]


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  3. Darren Hunt of Utah

    The murder of young Black Men by police continues.

    (-__-) too much


  4. Aeon Crew!


  5. Milky Chance - Stolen Dance

    plays: 10,451


    I want you by my side

    So that I never feel alone again



  7. alberttheimpact:

    Digital Devil Saga Avatar Tuner 10th Anniversary!!

    I tried drawing pixel animation like SNES DDS.

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  8. Ran into this guy today!

    pokemon master in training! he beat garys Raticate!


  9. samuraimonster:

    Finally omg (I really wish it wasn’t white bar lol)


  10. stumphallelujah:

    ill never not reblog this

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